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School Programs

Elementary School Curriculum Based Performing Arts Programs
Preschool Thematic Programs and Performances

Bilingual programs available. Bienvenidos a Manos Que Hablan Pies Que Hablan

2017-2018 School Year

Elementary School Programs:
  • San Juan Elementary
  • Velarde Elementary
  • Alcalde Elementary
  • Chimayo Elementary
  • Atalaya Elementary
  • El Dorado Community School
  • Preschool Programs:
  • Temple Beth Shalom Preschool
  • Curriculum Based Themes

    Home Planet Earth – the natural wonders of life on Earth, eco-systems, the bio-sphere, planetary cycles, growth cycles, animals and their habitats, living water, the solar system, trees, being caretakers for the Earth, conservation, sustainable ways of life, world geography, ethnic and cultural diversity, tolerance, understanding and compassion…

    Human Body School – learning the body systems, human anatomy, internal organs, sensory learning, gender, growing up, healthy lifestyles and attitudes, nutrition, exercise, building confidence and self-respect, the many marvelous lives inside us…

    Math-A-Magic- the wonder of numbers, patterns, counting sequences, estimation, measurements, counting time, calendars, cycles, world time zones, opposites, spatial reasoning, geometry in three dimensions…

    Human Journey - the human story, self discovery care and respect, self leadership and being true to oneself, growing up, life cycles, gender, old age, death, the mosaic of human expression, the art of language, values and attitudes, vision, strength, courage, honesty, the extraordinary human tribe, understanding others, the value of family and community, team dynamics, proverbial wisdoms, telling your story…

    Brain and Body Tune-ups – mental brightening exercises, timing, balance and coordination exercises, rhythm conditioners, dancing body rhythms, memory sequence songs, left brain –right brain crossover calisthenics…