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Arts Integrated & Arts Enhanced Education TrainingA compelling approach for early childhood and primary teachers.

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Songs To Educate professional development gives teachers and parents the ability to brightly apply song and movement arts in their curriculum every day. Teach geography, human body, math, science, social studies, language arts and foster social and emotional intelligence whilst engaging young minds in a way they will love and remember.

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"I liked how easy it was to engage the students and have them come up with the movements."

"I've been going to professional development trainings for 15 years and this was the most fun and useful one yet!"

"I liked the ease of exchange of ideas with the instructors to the workshop participants."

"I learned some fun new movement songs that younger kids will love. These songs are so creative!"

"Wonderful! I really liked each song that was introduced and am excited to use them!"

"Very 'catchy' fun way to learn new songs - I can see why the children love it and that they get a lot out of it - more than music & movement."