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Photo TimelineHighlights of an extraordinary journey

Summer 2017Kaleidoscope Camp

Winter-Spring 2017Santa Fe Schools

Winter-Spring 2017Abiquiu Elementary School

Fall 2016San Juan and Velarde Elementary Schools

Fall 2016Treehouse Learning Colorado

Summer 2016New York Turtle Island Camp

Summer 2016Kaleidoscope Camp in Israel

Summer 2016Teacher Training in Israel

Summer 2016Cadence Company Camps

Summer 2016Kaleidoscope Camps

Spring 2016Eldorado Wild & Free

Spring 2016Nava Human Body School

Winter 2016Professional Development - MSU Riley Center Meridian MS

Winter 2016PD Children's Garden Teachers - Humming Grove Santa Fe NM

Winter 2015Winter Break Camp - Humming Grove Santa Fe NM

Fall 2015Temple Beth Shalom Preschool - Santa Fe NM

Fall 2015Professional Development - Commerce Children's Center Boulder CO

Fall 2015Professional Development - Treehouse Learning Louisville CO

Summer 2015August Cadence Company Camp - Humming Grove Santa Fe NM

Summer 2015August Kaleidoscope Camps - Humming Grove Santa Fe NM

Summer 2015June Cadence Company Camp - Humming Grove Santa Fe NM

Summer 2015June Preschool Camp - Humming Grove Santa Fe NM

Summer 2015June Kaleidoscope Camp - Humming Grove Santa Fe NM

Spring 2015Professional Development with Children's Garden and Gentle Nudge

Spring 2015Preschool Spring Break Camp - Humming Grove Santa Fe NM

Spring 2015Temple Beth Shalom Preschool - Santa Fe NM

Spring 2015Treehouse Learning - Louisville CO

Spring 2015Child Care Partners Boulder-Denver CO

Winter-Spring 2015Capshaw Middle School Santa Fe NM

Winter-Spring 2015Wild and Free - El Dorado Community School Santa Fe NM

Winter-Spring 2015Human Body School - Nava Elementary Santa Fe NM

Fall 2014Denver Professional Development

Summer 2014Cadence Company

Summer 2014Kaleidoscope Summer Camp - August

Summer 2014Cadence Company

Summer 2014Cadence Company

Summer 2014Kaleidoscope Summer Camp - June

Summer 2014Kaleidoscope Summer Camp - June

Spring 2014Wild & Free Performance - El Dorado Community School Santa Fe

Spring 2014We Are Here Performance

Spring 2014Carlos Gilbert Elementary - Santa Fe

Spring 2014B.E.N. School-house Toronto

Spring 2014March Break Camp - Toronto

Fall 2013Tres Tamboras - Monte del Sol Charter

Fall 2013Professional Development Workshop - Albuquerque

Summer 2013Turtle Island Summer Camp - N.Y.

Summer 2013Country Childrens Centers - N.Y.

Summer 2013Kaleidoscope Camps - Humming Grove

Spring 2013Eldorado -Wild and Free / Atalaya - We Are Here

Kaleidoscope - Humming GroveLa Mariposa Montessori - We Are Here

Summer 2012Kaleidoscope - Humming Grove

Summer 2012Turtle Island Summer Camp - New York

Summer 2012Country Childrens Centers - New York

Summer 2012Kaleidoscope - Humming Grove

Spring 2012Atalaya - Math-a-magic

Fall 2011 - School ProgramsAgua Fria - Human Body Escuela / Atalaya - Seasons of New Mexico

Summer-Fall 2011Recording at Humming Grove Studio

Summer 2011Summer Camp Excerpts

Summer 2011Turtle Island Summer Camp Kaleidoscope

Spring 2011Home Planet Earth - Eldorado / Acequia Madre

Summer 2010Kaleidoscope Summer Camp - Humming Grove

Summer 2010Garden Road Summer Camp New York

Summer 2010Turtle Island Summer Camp New York

Summer 2010 Kaleidoscope Summer Camps - Humming Grove

Spring 2010 Humming Grove Studio Projects Home Planet Earth- primary /Human Body School -preschool / Human Body School -'Tweens

Spring 2010Home Planet Earth – Eldorado

Summer 2009 Santa Fe 400th AnniversaryTraditional dance imbued with original folk songs about New Mexico

Summer 2009 Kaleidoscope CampPenta-ball / Coordination games / Stick Dances

Spring-Summer 2009Natural Education - Sustainability Shields

Spring 2009Humming Grove Celebrations

Spring 2009Homeschool Network Kaleidoscope / New Geography - 'Tweens / Eldorado - Math-a-magic

Winter 2009Seasons of New Mexico - E.J. Martinez Elementary

Fall 2008 - Adventures in Arts Integrated EducationAgua Fria Elementary - Human Body School (Bilingual Program)

Spring 2008 - Multiplication and AmplificationMath-a-magic, Carlos Gilbert Elem. / Interactive Performance / We The People...

Spring 2008 - Multiple ExpansionHuman Body School - Eldorado Elementary

Spring 2008 - Arts Integrated EducationHuman Body School Performance

Spring 2008Human Body School Documentary

Winter 2008Recording Heartbeat of the Future - Humming Grove Studio, Santa Fe

Summer 2007Something Good In The World Summer Camp with Talking Hands Talking Feet

Spring 2007Eldorado Year 3 : America

Spring 2007Tara School - Kaleidoscope

Spring 2007Acequia Madre Elementary - Seasons of New Mexico

Spring 2007Larragoite School Curriculum Based Performance Santa Fe

Eldorado N.M. Spring 2006Earth Day Performance, First 12-week Curriculum Based Performing Arts Program

Santa Fe Spring 2006Garcia St. Club preschool

New Mexico, Fall 2005Boom Boom Orchestra classes in Humming Grove House

Spring/Summer 2005First Garden Road Week, Croton, N.Y./ First School Performance, Eldorado, N.M.

Santa Fe Spring 2005Humming Grove House Roving Players

Santa Fe Spring 2005Co-Housing Community, Humming Grove House

Santa Fe, New Mexico Fall 2004Do Re Mi Dragon Release / Children's Museum and Dance Barn sessions

Winter 2004New York at The Garden Road / Boulder at NCAR

Winter 2004 New YorkCompleting Do Re Mi Dragon at Little Anguilla Studio

Boulder Early Winter 2003NCAR preschool sessions / Home Studio sessions

Boulder, Colorado Fall 2003Arts Integrated Charter School sessions / YMCA

Boulder Colorado Spring/Summer 2003Nuevos Horizontes

Fall/Winter 2002 Boulder Colorado New Beginnings New Horizons bilingual preschool Boulder / Louisville preschool

Summer 2002 TransitionsManitoga Summer Camp with Something Good In The World, Garrison, New York

Spring Growth 2002Recording Do Re Mi Dragon Agate Point / Odyssey Charter School Sessions

Spring 2002 Talking Hands Talking Feet expands - Bainbridge IslandMontessori Preschool/Orca House/Odyssey Charter School

After School Programs Plus - Fall 2001Odyssey Charter School Kaleidoscope and Celebration with Friends

Rainbow Train Recording New York/ Orca House Studio 2001

Bainbridge Island Summer 2001Interactive Concert in the Park

Orca House Studio, Bainbridge Island Spring 2001Rainbow Train songs appearing

Bainbridge Island WA 2000-2001Orca House Studio - Boom Boom Orchestra

Bainbridge Island Christmas 2000Talking Hands Talking Feet celebration delight with the elders

North Seattle and Edmonds Studios 98-99Our first mentors!

North Seattle Studio 1998It all began with friends and family!

North Seattle Fall 1997The first Talking Hands Talking Feet Brochure