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Water Cycle KitHome Planet Earth - Primary/Early Childhood

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  • Kit includes the songs, performance excerpts/instructional videos, lesson plans, lyrics, chords and dance notations.
  • Demonstrating the wonders of the water cycle in arts integrated fashion is sensory learning, kinesthetic learning, visual and auditory learning, musical and patterns sequence learning all wrapped into one very practical and fun exercise!
  • Water Water - The water cycle, the three states of matter and some of the properties of water are expressed in this beautiful call and response style song. The dance accompaniment is a fluid sequence of descriptive movement telling the story of the song.

    H2O Cycle Rap - The four fundamentals of the water cycle (precipitation, accumulation, evaporation and condensation) are ‘rapped’ in rhythmic call and response alternation between choruses of “Hydrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen” with repetitive percussive and descriptive movement accompaniment.

    Water Is Life - The life-giving wonder of water expressed in this enchanting bi-lingual song.

    Water Cycle Story Dance - The enactment of the water cycle through movement. Is fun in the classroom and makes a beautiful performance.

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    Watch this Water Kit Video

    Water Cycle Kit includes 4 interactive songs exploring the wonders of the hydrological cycle, properties, qualities and states of water... in 3D Blackboard style!